Hey, good that you look over here!

Welcome to the wood workshop and think tank of Thomas Scheiber. In short, the HOLTS-DESIGNER ... How to describe a german wordplay ? ... I'll try .... In German wood means "Holz" and "z" sounds like "ts" and "TS" are my first letters of my name .. so mixed it.    HOLTS  ...

On this page you will find a lot of information about me, my workshop, the idea for the earrings and the way to self-employment. Here are text, pictures, links to my channels and videos - so you get an insight who and what is behind the "HOLTS-DESIGNER". Have fun scrolling and discovering :-)!

A client once said: "Granted, the HOLTS DESIGNER is not a big company, but it consists of a passionate craftsman, nature lover, inventor and fly fisherman, with a flair for detail and a pinch of humor."

1. About me:

I have the feeling that we are all more and more forgetting to repair, to recycle, to tinker and to craft. I would like to encourage all people out there - including you - to use the simplest means to realize creative projects. Therefore, I share my self-acquired knowledge and my steps to self-employment on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Actually, I'm not a craftsman ;-). Actually, I started as a consultant for management information systems for large companies. And in the end it was the advice and conception, based on analyzes and reports, as well as the advice and support of smaller customers in a merchandise management system. Or as my grandfather always says: "He does something with computers!"


But I never really fit into the systems of school and work. A lot of creativity, sensitivity, courage and human orientation clashed with logic, profit thinking, money orientation and hierarchy. But the constant migraine attacks make me unfit for rigid daily routines, fixed hourly goals and the requirement, 365 days a year always 100% ready to stand.

Sounds sad? NO! Everything you see here is homemade and self-taught - that was important to me! Construction and equipment of the workshop, tools, products, photos, web shop, social media, calculation, payment systems to the captured wood from old barns. Every piece of wood has a chance of its individual use. And then I started to work metal. That was important to my goal, but the woodworm in me resisted. You just have to take many small steps. 2 forward. 1 backwards. 2 forward. 1 backwards. This builds up a lot of frustration tolerance. If you just look at the next steps, the goal does not seem unreachable. And at some point you have such a long way behind you that you can marvel. Or as Bilbo Baggins said:


  "It's a dangerous thing, Frodo, to get out your door. You enter the street, and if you do not take care of your feet, you can not know where you are going. "  




2. About craft:

Nobody wants to work something handicraft anymore. I know a window maker and a plumbing company that keep moaning: "There is so much to do, everyone needs us, but nobody wants to do it, it's a weird development, nobody wants to get dirty, honest! literally "messing up" and knowing what I've done at the end of the day makes me much prouder than before, when I built evaluations for companies, programmed analysis tools for boards, etc. At the end of the day I now have my result in my hand!

Creating things with my own hands is just a great feeling. I MADE THAT! And I hope that this is visible in every earring, in every knife and in everything else. Every piece went through my hands and was examined by my eyes and found to be good ... or just not ... that's part of it. But sometimes something not perfect is worth a lot. Therefore, there are always with me outlet items. But if I start to tell you that I do not like to throw something away, I like to fix it and that we should do it all ... then this text will never end ;-).

"Handmade" or "handmade" has cured me a little of my perfectionism. In the past, everything had to be 100%. This is not possible with manual work. And that's just fine. That makes each piece individually. Let's face it ... do we remember the perfect things? Nope! But that my dining table was repaired in a small place with the wrong wood and is always an eye-catcher ... I do not forget that.


So here are some pictures and videos:



The shop is simple and clear, but I attach importance to information. Therefore, you will find the relevant links to each article in the "Description for connoisseurs".
But if you want, here are all information sites (i translate it step by step. Please ask if you have any questions)